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Commissioning that special piece

Most of the commissioned pieces I make for clients are the result of a single remaining piece of Grandma's china, or Mum's wedding tableware, and a number of people in the family who would like to hold the memory, but not necessarily the plate!

Too often the old china is chipped, or wounded in some way. Often it is too delicate for daily use, and quite often it is relegated to the back of the pantry because it can't go in the dishwasher! In these busy days, people might love the beautiful tableware, but not love the longer clean-up time.

And so the pieces remain, sadly, unused.

Having memory jewellery made can solve these problems. Everyone can have a piece of jewellery for themselves, to help hold that memory of a loved one. The single remaining piece of china can be shared among sisters and nieces and grand-daughters, etc, rather than just being held within one home.

And we can enjoy those heirlooms every day, rather than avoiding them, or forgetting about them. 

I myself have a pair of earrings made from my Gran's Royal Winton Grimwades blue-and-white china, that I wear often, never without fondly remembering my Gran. I made a piece of jewellery for all the women in my family, either from the Royal Winton, or from Great Aunt Molly's Royal Crown Derby. We all feel newly connected to not just them, but to each other. And the youngsters in the family learnt more about their family tree and the personal history of these two wonderful women.

If you would like to have a conversation about having your own memory china made, just fill in the boxes below and I will get back to you, and we'll make a plan.


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