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Commission your own heirloom jewellery

Do you have your Grandma's vintage china? Or your mum's wedding china? Or some other piece of family history that just sits in a cupboard? Perhaps you have your dad's old Bunnykins plate he used in the nursery as a child.

Maybe it's got a crack, or a little chip. Maybe the rest of the trio is missing, or most of the entire dinner set has vanished over the decades, and you have those last memories. Maybe you just don't use it anymore.

Those last few remaining heirlooms are often all we have left of our now-past families' daily lives - the afternoon tea ritual, the dinners around the table with the great-aunts, and the grandparents, and distant cousins. Parties your parents remember from when they were children.

Why not honour those memories in a way that can be shared with all the family?

Contact Heather to commission your own beautiful jewellery from your vintage heirloom china, for you to share with others in your family - your siblings and your children and their children, and so on.  Create unique and meaningful keepsakes that can be passed to future generations.

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