Lancaster & Sandland Ltd were manufacturers of earthenware at the Dresden works, at an area named Tinkersclough, in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Originally named Sandlands & Sons, the business was renamed in 1944 when Lancaster became a partner in the company, and it continued to produce decorative earthenware and porcelain until November 1968.

This beautifully illustrated little dish from which this ring has been crafted dates between 1944 and 1968. I have carefully selected the maker’s mark from the back, then shaped it and fixed it into its ring blank.


The silver in this ring is sterling silver, and is stamped with the .925 stamp.

The ring is 26mm x 20mm across and 5mm deep.

The ring is fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

Sandland Ware Maker's Mark, vintage china and sterling silver ring

  • The vintage china I use in my jewellery pieces is all recycled from pieces found at garage sales and op. shops, or through vintage dealers, who are happy to pass on some of their less-than-perfect items. I carefully cut out the selected section of china, shape it by hand, then grind the edges nice and smooth. I securely fix the piece into the sterling silver blank, then grout it so it stays firmly in place.
    As with all artisan jewellery, some care needs to be taken to keep your piece in as-new condition.
    The vintage china in your piece may well be up to a hundred years old, and needs to be treated accordingly. It is not recommended that you swim or shower whilst wearing your jewellery, nor that you wear it gardening or playing sport or any other activity where the item may get badly knocked. China is breakable, after all.
    The sterling silver ring is easily adjustable, but care must be taken not to bend the ring band too quickly or too sharply. As with all metals, if they are worked roughly they may break.
    The sterling silver bezel will enjoy a regular simple polish with a quality silvercloth. If you do use silver polish, do not get it on the china or the grout. Do not use strong chemicals on your jewellery.