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These beautiful stained glass ornaments have all been handcrafted by me in my studio in West End. They look fabulous amongst the ornaments on the Christmas tree, or hanging in a nearby window. 
They are the perfect small gift for family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, teachers, etc, for whom you want something beautiful but not too extravagant.
They are also an ideal Christmas  gift to send to family and friends living away, where postage on a heavier item can be prohibitive.
Each little tree is about 10-16cms long, and each is unique. I free-cut every piece in my studio from a variety of glasses, then foil, solder and polish them. Each tree has a finely crafted swirly hook for hanging it on your tree or in front of a window.

You can choose from transparent glass (which lets the light shine through - perfect for hanging in windows and in front of Christmas lights), or opaque glass (more solid glass, that restricts the amount of light shining through and offers its own brilliant colours when hanging in your Christmas tree).


As with all Goosehouse Designs jewellery, this unique jewellery is individually handcrafted by me in my studio. My upcycled, sustainable, broken china jewellery is crafted from ethically-sourced, pre-damaged, vintage china, that would otherwise end up in landfill. It is the perfect romantic gift for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and any time you want to show your love through a treasured piece of artisan jewellery.


Your Goosehouse Designs jewellery will be sent to you carefully wrapped and packaged using recycled and recyclable materials. I am committed, at all times, to operating my business in every way I can to be kinder and gentler to the planet.

Stained glass Christmas tree

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