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These beautiful stained glass ornaments have a unique Australian flavour. Shaped like gum leaves, from the iconic Australian eucalypt, these decorations look fabulous anytime of the year, and anywhere in your home.
They are the perfect small gift for family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, teachers, etc, for whom you want something beautiful but not too extravagant.
They are the ideal gift to send to family and friends living away from Australia.
Each leaf is about 12-16cms long, and each is unique. I free-cut every piece in my studio from a variety of green glasses, then foil, solder and polish them. Each leaf has a finely crafted swirly hook for hanging it on your tree or in front of a window.

Your packet of three decorations will have three unique leaves. They will be cut from different shades of green glass, and, because they are free-cut by hand, they will each be slightly different in size.

Stained glass gum leaves - pack of three

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