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The new PROJECT!!

Well, I'm back. But it has been hard to get here. That whole - 'new committment' thing, combined with the 'fear of failure' thing, fighting to defeat that 'does it really matter' thing. Mmm. We are complex creatures, are we not?

Anyway, so far this morning I have managed to have to drive my kid's to their swimming carnival (45 mins each way and with a perfectly serviceable bus run), water the veggie garden, prune those beans that are getting out of hand, and goodness me, aren't there a lot of cucumbers, I had better pick them. Oh, some of them are so small, but there are an awful lot. I suppose the chickens might like them - I'll take them down and see. Yes, they like them, but they won't eat all of them. Perhaps I'd better pickle some so they aren't wasted. Bummer, I don't have enough vinegar - I'd better nip into town. Might as well do the shopping while I'm there.

Back now, good. Pickling all done. I really should sit down and do that blog - I challenged myself to maintain my focus. Don't want to blow it in the first week.

Right, computer on. (Silence). Gee, it's a bit quiet. I really need some music. Much easier to work with some music in the background. Oh, I forgot - my I-pad doesn't have the music I want. I'd better fix that right now. Good, that's better, although it is a bit distracting now I come to think of it. Ohh, I love this song. No, better turn it off - I can't concentrate.

Back to work. (Silence). Wait. I should put a load of washing into the machine. It can wash while I write. Good idea. Multi-tasking, that is.

And now, I've got nothing left. No more excuses - although I really should wash the dog...... NO. STOP. BLOG, remember? Blog.

Right, and so here I am. Ready to go. Been a busy morning. Bit exhausted, actually. But not so exhausted that I can't get to the point at last. The new project.

I have been thinking about this one for a while and trying to determine what sort of thing I want and that would suit . We have a very large mirror in the bathroom, (see photo above) and I have always felt it needed a frame of some sort. Originally I was thinking just deep blue and white alternate square tiles. Very simple. But I have been researching quilting lately, having just started a new one, and have become very interested in block quilts. So many traditional patterns, and so many variations. I like that each block in a quilt has the same root but has grown slightly off on it's own. I think I will do something like that around the mirror.

The mirror is mounted on the wall, but stands proud about 15mm. I need a substrate I can attach to the wall that will raise the tiling to be the same plane as the mirror's surface. I am sure I have some ply lying around that will do. Ply isn't the best substrate for any mosaic that may get wet. Water makes it swell and split. I'll have to seal the wood to protect it from damp, but the bathroom is really well ventilated, so I don't think the ply will be a problem.

OK. Task for this week - measure the mirror and prepare the ply. Next post next Friday will be about the materials for the mosaic - the tesserae.

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