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The technological collision

It is, technically-speaking, Saturday, which means that, yes, I am technically late with this post. I actually was ready to post yesterday, my regular post-day - but just not technically ready. You see, I am trying to synch my blog posts to my Facebook page, so that they appear simultaneously in both places. This, as you must be aware, is a very technical sort of thing and not part of my natural skill set, so I have been struggling with it for the last few weeks.

I know in my initial post I vowed to master the intricacies of social media and networking - and in this I am making slow but steady progress - but much of this seems first to demand that I master the intricacies of the computer.

In a week when my 12 year old daughter received her first laptop from her new high school and proceeded to upload, download and everything between, I have found myself having to apologise more than usual for my lack of tech-savvy. Is that the correct term? I explained to her that the first computer I ever saw was also at my high school, but thereafter any comparison between the two of us ceased to exist.

I was in Year 10, and we were taken out of class in small groups - Commerce class, I seem to recall - and following the teacher to a dingy room downstairs we found not one, but two, TWO!!, brand new computers for our school to learn about/with/on. The fact that my school had 1,100 students seemed to have escaped someone's notice, but two was apparently considered adequate. We stood in hushed little groups and stared at these strange creatures, like unusual specimens at the zoo, waiting for them to 'do something'. The computers had that black screen with the horrible glow-in-the-dark typeface, and that is it. That's all I remember. I don't recall ever seeing them again.

So, as I explained to Billie, 'I'm probably not the best person to help you with that'. She then got her dad to help and it all ended in screaming tears of frustration when she couldn't find the file she had saved earlier and why wasn't it where she had left it and why did it look different everytime and she hated it, the stupid thing. Aaaah, a girl after my own heart.

Anyway, I have given up trying to sort this technical issue myself, and have done a trade-off with my mate Stu, aka Stukelele, and am helping him with his book-keeping in return for him helping me with this. Not actually me mastering it myself, but sometimes delegating is the best, or indeed only, option.

As a blog about my current mosaic project this post is less successful than it might have been. Suffice to say I have spent some time in my studio this week sketching and designing and so on, and am getting ready to start creating. I'll keep you posted, hopefully across all outlets, if Stu can get it together.

Very special thanks to the wonderful Kath and Glen Wilson from Wilson's Ceramics down the road in Byron Bay. I went scrounging for odds and sods for my mirror mosaic and Kath immediately pottered about finding me all sorts of lovely goodies, including some beautifully patterned ceramic tiles and some funky glass ones that actually glow in the dark! See photo. Kath and Glen have supplied nearly all my tiles for my projects, and I always get wonderful service and great quality. They really know their stuff. Wilson's Ceramics, Byron Bay.

A whole week has gone by without a duck dying. This feels like a noteworthy achievement. The chickens have still not laid a single egg, but one of them did get interested in the laying boxes, so perhaps things are looking up.

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