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What's new in the studio???

Covid restrictions meant I had to close the studio for most of last year, which was really hard. I missed my students so much.

But now that is all of the past. The studio is once again open for teaching, my students are back making beautiful works.

There are still some spaces available in some sessions, so come on in and learn something new. I teach both leadlighting and mosaics, as well as lampshade making and the copper foiling technique.

There are five sessions a week from which to choose.

Start your course when you like.

Attend the sessions you want.



Mrs Norris.jpg

Mrs Norris. A full-bodied chook of blue-and-white willow pattern china - is there anything more redolent of the sweet domestic life?


Beginner leadlight panel from my regular Byron Community College class.

Rosemary's second stool.jpg
Rosemary's first stool.jpg

Rosemary's birdy stools. Marble and smalti.

Susan's door panel.jpeg

Susan's new leadlight panel for her front door.

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